In October 2019, the IRS delievered guidance around cryptocurrency taxation, especially the tax liability of hard forks and airdrops. While the intent seems to be to provide clarity, we’ve found that because of the infancy of regulations in this space that the new guidance can lead to even more confusion. We can help by having our crypto experienced CPAs analyze your cryptocurrency activity and prepare your tax returns.

At Founder’s CPA, our experienced CPAs will not just take a cursory glance at your mining, trades, and exchange activity. They will dive deep into understanding the nuances of the crypto space and how your activity impacts your tax liability. We use our in-depth analysis to prepare your crypto tax return with full tax compliance and to advise you on how to organize and manage your financials throughout the year. We believe in delivering the best, not just “good enough.”

Our cryptocurrency services offered:

  • Calculate capital gains

  • Determine tax liability

  • Determine cost basis

  • Calculate Fair Market Value (FMV)

  • Ensure tax compliance

  • Advanced tax planning to minimize your liability

Reach out to us at Founder’s CPA for a free consultation, where we can offer clarity on the new IRS tax regulations and illustrate how our services can ensure your cryptocurrency financials are in check.

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