25 Small Businesses Tax Deductions You should Know About

Finding answers to your small business tax questions within the mountains of documents on IRS.gov can be a tiresome task. Often your answer will be spread out among various documents and cluttered with information you wish to sift out. This happens to be the case for anyone searching for a comprehensive list of small business tax deductions [...]

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Illinois Sales Tax Guide for Small Businesses

Sales tax, like all tax issues, can be tricky for businesses to understand. In our Illinois sales tax guide for small businesses we answer the many questions you, as a business owner, may have. Do I even need to collect sales tax? Which customers should I collect it from and how much do I collect? [...]

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Taxes on Affiliate Marketers– How does it work?

For a U.S. based affiliate marketer, the taxes on affiliate marketers can be daunting and time consuming to navigate.  Many affiliate marketers fail to understand what the taxes on affiliate marketers are, and how to pay them in a legal and compliant manner.  As a Certified Public Accountant who works with affiliate marketers, I am [...]

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7 Important Startup Tax Issues to Consider

Not all of us who take on the honorable, yet daunting task of setting up and operating a startup know about the important tax issues that can help and hurt your business. Educating yourself on these issues can save you and your startup money as you navigate yourself through these initial fiscally uncertain times. There [...]

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The Impact of a Trump Tax Plan on Small Businesses

Political affiliations aside, it's important that startups and small business owners take some time to understand the impact of a Trump tax plan on small businesses.  Focusing solely on the bottom line of small businesses, his tax plan is largely favorable.  However, it is important to note that none of what is currently on the [...]

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