Welcome to Founder’s CPA Maria! To get to know our newest team member better, we have a little Q & A for you.

Q) Where are you from?

I recently moved to Chicago from Minneapolis, MN. I graduated from Metropolitan State University in August 2018 with major in Accounting.

Q) What’s your background in?

I worked as an Accounts Payable specialist in a small law firm for 5 years, prior to that I’ve volunteered for two tax season in a non-profit organization filing individual tax returns for people with low-income.

Q) Do you prefer to use Quickbooks or Xero?

I think both are good with their own features, but I personally prefer Quickbooks just because I use it a lot more than Xero.

Q) Which part of accounting do you enjoy the most?

For me, favorite part about accounting is problem solving.

Q) What made you decide to become an accountant?

I always loved working with numbers and when I took my first accounting class, I knew right away it is something I want to pursue. It made sense to me right away and was easy to understand.

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