As a business owner, you wear many hats. Although you may focus the most on marketing and sales, there’s one critical area that needs to remain a top priority — your accounting needs. After all, accounting is at the core of every single business and, in turn, is the key to your success.

In order to stay efficient and productive, you’ll want to use the right software for your needs and budget. That is because not all accounting software options are the right fit — and sometimes, you need something more specialized.

Whether you are looking to invest in your first accounting software program or would like to make the switch to a more comprehensive solution, here’s what you need to know about QuickBooks Pro, in addition to a potential alternative.

What Is QuickBooks Pro?

Most business owners have heard of QuickBooks. Considering the first desktop version was developed in 1992, millions of users have relied on QuickBooks to meet their growing accounting needs. However, in today’s fast-paced society, it is no longer the only option available, which is why it’s important that you compare.

Unlike QuickBooks Enterprise, QuickBooks Pro is intended for small business owners who are in the beginning stages of their business. However, it can also meet the needs of midsize customers. As a simple way for you to track your expenses, even when you lack advanced accounting knowledge, this software program can help you remain organized.

Simply put, QuickBooks Pro is accounting software that allows you to track payments and receivables, manage payroll, organize your expenses, invoice clients, and more.

What Does QuickBooks Pro Offer?

When you invest in QuickBooks Pro, this software can either be installed in the cloud or on-premise. There is also a mobile app that will allow you to access information while on-the-go. Overall, this software is known for its strong features and traditional accounting capabilities.

That is why some of the most common pros include:

  • The development of advanced features
  • The availability of complex accounting reports
  • Great tax support
  • Various integration options
  • The inclusion of double-entry accounting

With that being said, there are some concerns — namely, this software’s steep learning curve. If you are currently struggling to find enough time in your average day, it may be challenging to sit down and learn this software well enough to take full advantage. There have also been complaints about poor customer service, the downsides associated with limited users, and the fact that it is PC-only.

Compatible only with Windows, including versions 7, 8.1, and 10, certain features will require Microsoft Word or Excel. The features that require online access will only be available via Internet Explorer 11.

How Much Does QuickBooks Pro Cost?

Based on the distinct advantages associated with Quickbooks Online, the desktop version is phasing out. After all, everyone is moving toward cloud-based solutions.

Today, you have a number of options associated with various pricing tiers. These range from $5 per month (when on sale) for self-employed individuals to $75 per month (when on sale) for their advanced option.

There are also options in between, including:

  • Simple Start (typically $20 per month, but is often on sale for $10 per month)
  • Essentials (typically $35 per month, but is often on sale for $17 per month)
  • Plus (typically $60 per month, but is often on sale for $30 per month)
This means that there is no contract involved, allowing you to switch plans at any time. However, when planning to upgrade, you will need to create a new account.

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What Do Others Have to Say About QuickBooks Pro?

The reviews associated with QuickBooks Pro are mixed. Although the majority of users have had a positive experience, others were less impressed. To give you a general idea, here are some of the available reviews to provide you with greater insight.

On G2 Crowd, QuickBooks Pro received a solid 4.3-star rating (out of 5 stars).

While this reviewer was happy with the product, they stated, “I wish QuickBooks desktop had a solution kind of like QuickBooks online, like a cloud where I could access my files from my laptop at work & then go home and use it on my home computer. I have tried QBO and I like the desktop program much better. I also wish there was a way of easily creating contracts similar to how you create estimates and invoices.”

Another reviewer liked the “beautiful interface and the level of account connectivity.” However, they also said, “I couldn’t figure out why I had up to three transactions in Quickbooks for every one PayPal debit card transaction. Frequently, there would be two debits and one credit in Quickbooks. It turns out that there is no workaround to prevent this from happening, even in the new software I’m using, but the new software clearly showed me what was happening with my account, which made finding a solution easy. (I’m currently in the process of switching accounting software).”

Finally, this reviewer, who had been a long-term user, said that they liked the fact that they could track consulting hours in order to create invoices and reports that included her company logo. In terms of what she dislikes, she said, “I have used the software for almost 15 years. It used to be the ‘gold standard,’ but seems to have peaked several years ago. The software has become more and more difficult to use. Now that Intuit has new owners, the products and support are lacking. I just upgraded my software this week, and it took several tries to install the Windows version. I am disappointed that Intuit no longer supports a Mac desktop version.”

On another site, known as TrustRadius, QuickBooks Pro received an 8-star rating out of 10 stars, based on nearly 500 reviews. Here is what users had to say:

“Quickbooks Pro has been our accounting software since before I started working at the shop. We use it for our payroll, checking, invoicing and billing, and credit card management. While not the easiest programme to learn, it at least maintains a standard of use throughout its versions.”

“We use QuickBooks Pro for a majority of our business clients. We also use it for our firm’s accounting and payroll. It provides the functionality necessary to keep accurate financial records while being easy enough for the clients to use themselves.”

Overall, some of the main pros as stated by users included:

“Expenses and accounts payable – QuickBooks Pro allows users to input bills, write checks, and post debit transactions easily. The Write Checks function helps new or inexperienced users by offering a familiar interface to input the transaction, while more experienced users have other options that allow faster entry, while still capturing the necessary information.”

“Reminders for tax payments, liability payments, bill payments, invoices are easy to find.”

“Importing information from bank accounts is simple with banks that support file downloads in the supported format.”

In contrast, some of the main cons included:

“Depending on the financial institution used connecting to automatically download transaction is tricky.”

“Tech support in general: the times we had called for tech support, we were greeted by either a script reader or a tech rep who threw technobabble in such a way that it made me, someone who has an IT background, a little leery of calling them again.”

QuickBooks has room to improve on their cashflow report. We do not use the report in QuickBooks.”

Founder’s CPA: An Alternative to QuickBooks Pro

Although QuickBooks is a well-known name, many users are looking for something new. If you are in need of a more comprehensive, specialized accounting software, Founder’s CPA can assist with all of your accounting needs.

With a core focus on startups and small businesses, we understand your unique needs and provide services accordingly. Offering niche-based expertise, we will help you meet your specific needs so that you can hit one milestone after the next.

Overall, we offer fair pricing. You will benefit from the highest possible value as we use cutting-edge technologies and accounting solution, passing great savings onto you. Our group of licensed professional can help guide you along your journey, especially during tax season. Founder’s CPA always puts you, the client, first!

After all, when dealing with the true bloodline of your business, excellent customer service is a must. Whether you require bookkeeping or payroll support, training services or advanced budgeting/forecasting services, we’re the “full package” — regardless of your unique requirements.

While QuickBooks Pro is more of a DIY approach, void of real step-by-step support, Founder’s CPA operates based on a four-step process, focusing solely on Quickbooks Online.

  1. First, we take the time to understand your requirements so that we can lay the critical groundwork. That way, we can help you get from point A to B, point B to point C, and so on.
  2. Secondly, we implement the right systems, policies, processes, and procedures to help you reach your goals.
  3. Next, we optimize. As your business continues to grow, your needs will change and evolve. Helping you refine the accounting processes you need, when you need them, Founder’s CPA encourages growth and scalability.
  4. Lastly, we comply. In order to remain successful, your business must practice tax compliance. Regardless of the entity type you operate, we will help you with even the most complex tax situations.
Overall, based on distinct advantages associated with Quickbooks Online, including greater access, integrations, and cost-based advantages, Founder’s CPA offers cloud-based solutions that allow our clients to benefit from these key advantages.

These are just some of the reasons why Founder’s CPA have received such positive feedback, including:

  • “We consider Founder’s CPA an integral part of our team and highly recommend their reliable, responsive, patient, and tuned-in service. What basically began as ‘help with QuickBooks’has evolved into CFO duty at our two start-ups over time. You get those gigs by building trust, and Curt does that not only by consistently demonstrating deep and up-to-date knowledge of start-up accounting matters (e.g., QBO, tax law changes, S-Corp vs LLC, etc.), but by anticipating curve balls and doing what he says he’s going to do. This firm is a rare gem.”
  • “Founder’s CPA is an incredible team that has made our accounting simple. I no longer have to worry about our numbers– they take care of all of it for us. 10/10 would recommend!”

Please feel free to learn more about the available services here.

In Summary

QuickBook Pro is ideal for small to mid-sized businesses that are in need of various features and reliable accounting. However, with so many features, many small business owners find that this software is overkill, limiting the ease of use they require. If you do not need advanced, in-depth accounting tools and require greater mobility, QuickBooks Pro may not be the best solution.

In comparison, Founder’s CPA offers the highest possible service at a rate that works with your budget. Since we offer tailored, customized solutions, why pay for services and processes you don’t need? If you are looking for accounting services that go beyond traditional software features, with a core focus on scalability, Founder’s CPA is the perfect solution.

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