At Founder’s CPA we know how important it is to have the right people executing the right processes on the right platforms. We take pride in our competitive advantage through our platforms, processes and people. In our second piece of this series, we’ll be discussing our processes we implement to ensure a smooth and consistent outcome for all our clients. 

Most service providers are only as good as the professional providing the service for you. We address the common issue of lack of consistency through creating a good rhythm standard processes so that your project is resource agnostic. At Founder’s CPA, we don’t rely on a particular human resource to produce outcomes, we rely on our processes for results by clearly defining internal deadlines, accountabilities, quality standards and final deliverable.

Internal Timing & Internal Deadlines

The first part of our process is to create milestones and deadlines, ensuring our tasks align with our client expectations and commitments. We’ll lay out a full project plan from the start and set expectations from the get-go.  For example, if you are required to report financials to your board by a particular day, we will structure the month-end close to meet those deadlines.


One of our core values that we preach is accountability.  What this means is that our people are committed to doing what they say they will do on the day(s) they say it will be done.  We also look for clients who are committed to being accountable on their end as well. Complete alignment on accountabilities is crucial for a symbiotic relationship between us and our clients.


Because we focus on three niches, we are highly experienced in what services are necessary to our clients. Through repetition of the same types of projects and engagements, we are able to focus on implementing the best practices to complete a task rather than re-inventing the wheel each time.  Our industry expertise also allows us to constantly iterate and improve upon our service offerings and deliverables to make sure you’re getting the very best service.


Another one of our core values is authentic relationships, which is a core component of communicating clearly with our clients.  As your trusted advisor, we believe clearly communicating findings and having authentic conversations is the most meaningful way to provide value.  We’ll be your advocate and critic, which we believe is more beneficial in the long run for both parties.

Our Expertise

Here at Founder’s CPA, we understand the importance of keeping up with our client’s expectations by managing internal deadlines through a clear and authentic communication process. By being proactive, we are constantly working to improve our workflow for each client to ensure deadlines are met on a timely basis. Not only are our processes very important to us, but to be able to execute on the right platforms by the right people as well. To continue reading our Competitive Advantage series, click here to read about our last segment. 

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