At Founder’s CPA we know how important it is to have the right people executing the right processes on the right platforms. We take pride in our competitive advantage through our platforms, processes and people. In this article, we are going to dig into some of our major platforms to help create a better user experience for our clients.

Historically we all know how accounting isn’t the most under friendly space, in fact it can be very much a frustrating experience. At Founder’s CPA, we want to improve your perception by using different platforms and software to make it easier and better client experience. We pride in using efficient and user-friendly platforms to promote transparency between our work and our clients. By streamlining our processes, we can provide a fast turn-around, increase accuracy and minimize manual errors.

What we appreciate the most about our platforms is that client data is readily available for our needs and work, therefore allowing us to have a less of waiting period to perform services rather than requesting information from our clients.

Our main accounting software, which enhances our bookkeeping and accounting services. This cloud based system is used to store, organize and report accounting financials and data. Features like creating outputs such as routing invoices and bills, enables us to speed up the process and have all the necessary information in one place.

Another popular accounting software we use to adapt to our client’s needs or may already have existing books on this platform. Like Quickbooks Online, Xero carries features which allows us to interact and create outputs with information being handled all within the platform.

A popular and user-friendly payroll platform, which allows us to build on top of our accounting software to process payroll and an easier process when it comes to offering employee benefits such as insurance and 401k retirement plans.

We utilize this information storage platform as an entry point for all our clients’ data. Through this platform we are able to retain documents such as invoices, bills, receipts, etc. HubDoc also allows us to organize information in the manner we desire as well as sync to accounting software to provide supporting documentation for transactions.

A capitalization table management and valuation software, which enables our clients to issue securities, capital calls, or 409A valuations within the platform. The transparency in data allows our professionals to track and maintain the information for accounting and finance needs.

 A popular accounts payable platform, which allows vendors to send invoices directly to the client’s account as well as send out payments from the same clearing account on This platform also syncs up with our accounting software and automatically creates transactions such as Bills and payments, which makes it more efficient for our accountants to review.  No more cutting and mailing paper checks!

An expense reimbursements platform, which automatically syncs to our accounting software and creates transactions for each reimbursement and amount due. Clients directly work within the platform to create expense reports, which gets pulled into our client books in our accounting software and can help enforce company expense policies (i.e. requiring receipts for all transactions).

A corporate credit card program that benefits start-up companies ranging from all sizes and later stage companies. Features such as an automated expense management program embedded, eliminating the need for tracking receipts, and syncs up with accounting software.

A budgeting forecast tool, which is built on top of our accounting software to create custom data metrics such as scenario analysis and financial metrics. It connects your financial and operational data to navigate and investigate historical operations and accurately forecast revenues, expenses, cash flows and expenses.

Our Expertise

Here at Founder’s CPA, we take the time and expertise to find tools to collectively create an efficient accounting ecosystem.

These tools assist start-ups and small businesses both at early and later stages. Although most clients may not need all these tools initially, over time depending on each client’s needs, we can add on different pieces in a modular way over time. It is crucial that these systems are setup and integrated accurately by our professionals to avoid any loss of information or confusion. To learn more about our Competitive Advantage series, click here to read about our next segment: the right processes. 

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