Although, in our previous posts, we have mentioned other platforms that include limited functionality for scheduling and time tracking, the following platforms are dedicated to this sole purpose and will have other specialized features. Attendance tracking, payroll integration and advanced reporting are some features which are vital to this type of software. Further, each of these has a basic free service tier and are available on desktop and mobile as web-based applications.


TSheets offers more control to managers for time tracking. Its GPS and Geofencing capabilities can be enabled to track the movements of employees working out-of-office. An important scheduling feature is its integration with common calendar apps including Apple’s iCal, Google Calendars and Microsoft Outlook which notifies workers should there be a scheduling change. Tsheets’ Time Clocking technology is also unique in its use of a combination of geo-tagging and facial recognition.

When I Work

When I Work takes a rather different approach in the sense that it puts a significant amount of control in the hands of the workers. Employees decide which time slot they want to work and have the capacity to exchange shifts with one another. If both involved workers agree about the exchange and are authorized to participate in the roles those time slots require, there is no need for managerial involvement. Shift bidding is another feature unique to this app.


In addition to time tracking, Jobber includes an invoicing and customer relationship management (CRM) component as part of the application. The CRM features stand out as they enable a business to collect data and recognize trends or patterns without the need for additional software if their business is conducted via Jobber. Additional functionality includes asset management and auditing.

In Conclusion

Time tracking allows you to keep track of the hours an individual spent on a task or project. Assessing the time it took to work on either one helps you see the accuracy of the work and the effectiveness of your employees. It is essential for professional service providers, hourly employees, or when working with freelancers. Time tracking and scheduling will allow your team members to add time entries easily after time is recorded. Your software should also enable you to view and print time reports. These time tracking systems will help your understanding of when you and your employees work best and which tasks priority needs to be changed.

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