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In this week’s Featured Founder, introducing Out of Galaxy, a company that works to improve personal health through new sensors that are connected to devices. Read our Q&A below to learn more.

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Q) What does your company do?

Our first consumer product at Out of Galaxy is H2OPal. It is a hydration tracker that works with your water bottle. It makes life easier by helping you drink more water, fewer calories and improve your productivity and focus by avoiding dehydration.

Q) What is your mission?

We’re working on the broad problem of improving people’s health through new sensors and connected devices that automatically track a person’s behavior and help improve their habits.

Q) What inspired you to start the company?  What is your “why”?

I started working on consumer electronics prototypes just as Bluetooth Low Energy technology started to become available. Then there was a case where my mom had a day full of meetings during which she simply forgot to drink any water and needed to be treated for dehydration. That led me and my co-founder down a path where we decided to build technology that would allow people to automatically track their fluid intake.

Q) What differentiates your company from your competitors?

We’ve developed a proprietary system of measuring fluid intake that no one has been able to successfully copy. We’re also leading in terms of integrations with other services (Apple Health, Fitbit, Amazon Alexa) and we’re also working with academic institutions on studies involving hydration where our product and technology plays a key role.

Q) What are some challenges your consumers are facing right now and how does your company help?

For many people, the first step in improving their diet is to develop a healthy habit of drinking water, instead of high-calorie beverages like sodas or fruit juices. Our product helps measure a person’s progress towards that goal and then help them maintain a healthy habit of drinking water.

Q) What’s your favorite part about the company?

You get to learn so much by building something from the ground up here at Out of Galaxy.

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