At Founder’s CPA, we are privileged to work with a wide spectrum of highly impressive clients. Welcome to our first generation of Featured Founder, where we are highlighting a diverse set of “Founders” who may not fit the stereotypical “Founder” mold set by Silicon Valley, but they all bring a unique solution to their respective markets.

In this week’s Featured Founder, we will be showcasing Optivolt Labs, a company which is revolutionizing the self-charging capabilities of machinery by integrating it into battery powered products.

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Q) What does your company do?

Optivolt is creating an era of self-charging machines by providing a scalable technology stack for solar integration. We help companies integrate self-charging into battery powered products like drones, electric vehicles, mobile electronics, sensors, and other iot enabled devices.

Q) What is your mission?

Charging is an antiquated system, and almost every product has to eventually charge at the wall outlet. Optivolt envisions a world of truly decentralized energy – where most products have the ability to harvest ambient energy to stay powered.

Q) What inspired you to start the company?  What is your “why”?

Rohit started building solar powered phone cases in highschool in an attempt to charge his phone with ambient light. Rohit met Paul, Dany, and Sriram at the University of Illinois through tech entrepreneurship programs and 4 years later, we are all working on bringing self-charging products to life.

Q) What differentiates your company from your competitors?

Optivolt is building a generalized tech stack for the solar integration process. There are very few companies in the solar product development space, and the majority of the industry is siloed into addressing certain parts of the tech stack for very specific small-scale applications. Optivolt has already built power management hardware and mechanical panel deployability designs that set an unprecedented standard for cost, power availability, and compatibility with real OEM products.

Q) What are some challenges your consumers are facing right now and how does your company help?

Most of our current customers are enterprises, specifically companies that own large fleets of battery powered products. These fleets of products incur a significant operational cost to keeping them charged in the field. Optivolt helps these companies save on charging costs by implementing self-charging technology directly into the operational processes of charging the fleet.

Q) What’s your favorite part about being an entrepreneur?

Our whole team is passionate about building deep technology products. Everyday, we work on a variety of new hardware products, explore breakthroughs in the solar industry, and work on really challenging problems everyday.

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