At Founder’s CPA, we are privileged to work with a wide spectrum of highly impressive clients. Welcome to our first generation of Featured Founder, where we are highlighting a diverse set of “Founders” who may not fit the stereotypical “Founder” mold set by Silicon Valley, but they all bring a unique solution to their respective markets.

In this week’s Featured Founder, we will be showcasing Live Better, a experiential health and wellness company making it easier for you and your company to pursue fitness and a healthier lifestyle.

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Q) What does your company do?

Live Better is an experiential health and wellness company based in Chicago. We do everything from corporate wellness consulting, special fitness & yoga events, and wellness initiatives for kids to running international wellness retreats. We also create a weekly, motivational email called “Wake Up Wednesday” to inspire people to follow their passions and purpose.

Q) What is your mission?

In short, to help our community have the best day ever, every single day. We believe combining self-care and purpose is the fuel to do anything you want in life, better. If we can help you reveal your own potential, what is to stop you from changing the world? Our vision is to help everyone realize their own path forward.

Q) What inspired you to start the company?  What is your “why”?

Our “why” started when we both were still working our corporate jobs. Jason in public accounting and Bret in corporate retail data analytics. We knew it wasn’t where we could make the greatest impact, so we started experimenting in our offices by changing the culture to be wellness-oriented (e.g. healthier lunches, team activities, taking breaks to workout, etc). We founded Live Better before quitting to pursue it full-time, which gave us contrast (and motivation) to see where we wanted to go outside of corporate.

Q) What differentiates your company from your competitors?

We have a unique perspective to offer; we have spent time sitting in the ‘corporate seat’ (i.e. stressful, high-performance work culture) as well as offer experience in a multitude of settings, from teaching wellness in schools (pre-K through university), corporate settings, working with professional athletes alongside Nike, to teaching yoga in places like Central America to the 50-yard line in the University of Texas football stadium.

We present a non-dogmatic, objective viewpoint on wellness; use the tools available to you to make today better than yesterday. Do that consistently and you’ll find yourself in growth forever.

Q) What are some challenges your consumers are facing right now and how does your company help?

Too much conflicting information. The inundation of online ‘experts’ is overwhelming, confusing, and manipulative. We don’t preach one method – we meet you where you’re at in your journey and help you level up from there. We achieve this by offering several different things to join, from our free run club on Wednesdays, our crazy book club, retreats, weekly classes, to simply consuming our newsletter that comes out every Wednesday morning at 7:30am CST.

Q) What’s your favorite part about being an entrepreneur?

To influence the world on your terms. You’re in control (for the most part…) of your time, energy, and effort. We love getting out into the world each day and helping people unlock their potential; the downstream effect of this is so much fun to watch, and selfishly extremely rewarding for us.

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