At Founder’s CPA, we are privileged to work with a wide spectrum of highly impressive clients. Welcome to our first generation of Featured Founder, where we are highlighting a diverse set of “Founders” who may not fit the stereotypical “Founder” mold set by Silicon Valley, but they all bring a unique solution to their respective markets.

In this week’s Featured Founder, we will be showcasing American Bocce, a sports and entertainment company dedicated to making sport leagues more portable and inclusive around the world.

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Q) What does your company do?

American Bocce Company (ABC) is a social sports and entertainment company dedicated to growing participation in the sport of bocce ball through social leagues, events, community activations, partnerships, and modern technology. By applying a passionate, start-up mentality and some modern touches, we are making the sport more portable, approachable, and inclusive across the globe. We operate dozens of leagues and events per week and are dedicated to growing communities with anywhere we can.

Q) What is your mission?

We believe in the significance of the relationship between community and sport. Our mission is to build communities and grow the sport in a symbiotic fashion.

Q) What inspired you to start the company?  What is your “why”?

After building a bocce ball park on a vacant city lot in Chicago in 2014, we instantly became motivated by the community that came out to support us. We realized that the sport could have a profound positive effect on people and that it had not yet experienced the degree of mainstream success that it deserved. We got to work on correcting the issues that we thought were holding it back.

Q) What differentiates your company from your competitors?

At first glance, we are a social sports company. But our ambitions and commitment to our community really put us in a different league than our industry competitors. We are dedicated to a long term goal of bringing bocce ball to the mainstream, and in order to achieve that, we are beyond thoughtful in every decision that we make. And so the balance of our loyalty to our community and our dedication to our goals create a special atmosphere that sets us apart.

Q) What are some challenges your consumers are facing right now and how does your company help?

Companies, brands, and communities are always looking for new ways to bring people together. Whether it’s a networking event, a team builder, or just a group of friends looking for an excuse to get together once a week, we provide a social and engaging centerpiece that achieves that goal.

Q) What’s your favorite part about being an entrepreneur?

Getting to experience firsthand the positive impact that we’ve had on so many people’s lives has to take the cake.

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