Startup Tax Problems: 8 Common Mistakes

Startup tax mistakes waste time and cost money. Plus, taxes are a complex topic that many, outside of industry professionals and tax specialists, struggle to understand. As a result, many startup founders choose to ignore taxes altogether, not wanting to slow down or spend valuable resources on it.  They assume their energy would be [...]

Startup Taxes 101: How to handle filing your business

Filing tax returns is a very important aspect of running a business, startup or not. For most startups, the act of filing taxes is either sidelined due to operational pressures or management is stuck without an idea of how to go about filing. These days, just about everything is taxable. As a result, it [...]

SaaS Accounting 101: Financial Fundamentals

Is Saas accounting different than accounting in any other industry? The answer of course is: absolutely! Since the end of the last century, the software industry has grown massively. In the last decade especially, many software companies have emerged and made the switch from selling software as a product to software as a service [...]

21 Startup Jargon Terms Every Founder Should Know

Have you ever been confused by startup jargon? You had a perfect idea, found the perfect people for the job, and now you’re ready to take the next big step, launching your startup. Whether you’re going the bootstrapping route or getting funding there’s one thing you need to be able to do which you [...]

5 Signs You’re Outgrowing Quickbooks

Is your startup outgrowing Quickbooks? Quickbooks has become the go-to accounting software for small- and medium-sized businesses, but its utility is limited for fast-growing startups. As your company expands its operations, hires more staff and creates subsidiary entities, it becomes increasingly likely that you’ll need a more robust system to handle your books. If [...]

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Ultimate Financial Stack: 6 Tech Tools for Founders

Financial tech tools are often put on the backburner compared to technology for marketing or operations. However, financial innovation has created massive opportunities for founders who want greater efficiency and improved visibility in their companies.  New software comes out every day, and your company needs to proactively seek out the best tech to avoid [...]

Document Retention Software That Save You Time

These software platforms save time through automation of data entry and serve as a central repository for your accounting records. Key features for document retention software should incorporate optical character reader (OCR) software and should be able to export data to accounting software mentioned above and into the correct accounts. Hubdoc [...]

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Time Tracking & Scheduling Software Options

Although, in our previous posts, we have mentioned other platforms that include limited functionality for scheduling and time tracking, the following platforms are dedicated to this sole purpose and will have other specialized features. Attendance tracking, payroll integration and advanced reporting are some features which are vital to this type of software. Further, each [...]

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Payroll System Options for Startups

If we had to pick one area where startups mess up the most it is probably payroll.  This creates problems because incorrectly classifying workers or failure to make the necessary tax payments for your business and its employees can lead to hefty penalties.  We always recommend that startups use payroll system software to handle [...]

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Invoicing Tools for Startups

Whether you are a startup, small business owner, or freelancer, you need a good invoicing software that simplifies your invoicing process, saves time and money. The most effective invoicing tools limit the time and effort required to record transactions between a business, easy to use, and accessible when on the go. The tools in [...]

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