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Common Tax Issues that Startups Neglect (And How to Address Them)

Startups have so many moving parts that they tend to make some easily avoidable tax mistakes, especially in their early days. Unfortunately, those mistakes can quickly cause you to end up leaving a lot of money on the table in the form of missed savings or penalties and interest. But with just a little [...]

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Financial Modeling, Forecasting and Budgeting for Startups

Business decisions should always be driven by data. The best financial leaders consistently analyze where their company needs to go and what it needs to do to get there. Although that’s often easier said than done. Startups tend to have jagged growth patterns initially, due to their large influxes of external funding and unique [...]

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Common Accounting Mistakes Startups Make & How to Fix Them

As a startup founder, accounting is probably the last thing on your mind. Your responsibilities include masterminding business growth, bringing your offering to market, generating customer interest and managing your team. It’s no wonder that maintenance of your financial records often falls to the wayside. But neglecting your accounting and bookkeeping can cause some [...]

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Ultimate Financial Stack: 6 Tech Tools for Founders

Financial tech tools are often put on the backburner compared to technology for marketing or operations. However, financial innovation has created massive opportunities for founders who want greater efficiency and improved visibility in their companies.  New software comes out every day, and your company needs to proactively seek out the best tech to avoid [...]

How to create your startup marketing budget

Creating your startup marketing budget can either be very frustrating or highly rewarding. In today’s startup world, metrics that are commonly tracked skew towards vanity. With millions of dollars in the form of seed funding and 10’s of millions in subsequent rounds, it’s easy for founders and CEOs to focus on the things that [...]

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