Common Startup Cap Table Mistakes

Cap table mistakes can be extremely costly for founders. Every startup needs to build and maintain an accurate capitalization table, but that’s easier said than done over the long term. When your company is first starting out, your equity shares and ownership percentages are pretty straightforward. Most startups have somewhere between one and four [...]

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Common Accounting Mistakes & How to Fix Them

As a startup founder, accounting mistakes are probably the last thing on your mind. Your responsibilities include masterminding business growth, bringing your offering to market, generating customer interest and managing your team. It’s no wonder that maintenance of your financial records often falls to the wayside. But neglecting your accounting and bookkeeping can cause [...]

Does your startup need a bookkeeper, CPA, or CFO?

Does Your Startup Need a Bookkeeper, CPA, or CFO? Does your startup need a bookkeeper, CPA, or CFO? Startups face unique accounting and financial challenges at every stage of their growth. To manage these challenges, many founders choose to bring financial professionals onto their team. These experts can [...]

Ultimate Financial Stack: 6 Tech Tools for Founders

Financial tech tools are often put on the backburner compared to technology for marketing or operations. However, financial innovation has created massive opportunities for founders who want greater efficiency and improved visibility in their companies.  New software comes out every day, and your company needs to proactively seek out the best tech to avoid [...]

How to Structure Equity-Based Compensation

Employees have the power to make or break your business. This is especially true in the world of startups, where so many companies rely heavily on their workers to provide services, develop software and provide value. To bring the right employees to your business, you’ll need to offer attractive compensation packages. And in the [...]

Cash Flow Management for Startups

Startups often burn cash as they grow. The key is to 1. Not panic, but 2. Not get too comfortable with bleeding cash.  And this makes cash flow management a must-have skill for founders and entrepreneurs.  You need to be able to navigate periods of thin, nonexistent and even negative cash-flows efficiently. Your business [...]

Incentive Stock Options – Equity Compensation at Private Firms

To finish off our Equity blog series, we will take a look at Incentive Stock options (ISOs). Incentive stock options are structured just like non-qualified stock options on the front end, but receive preferential tax treatment if certain conditions are met when an employee exercises the stock options and ultimately sells the stock. [...]

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Non-Qualifying Stock Options – Equity Compensation at Private Firms

Next in our Equity blog series we will take a look at Non-Qualifying Stock Options (NSOs). Don’t let the name “non-qualifying” confuse you. “Non-qualifying” simply means that this type of stock option does not qualify for special treatment the same way incentive stock options are treated. You can also think about “non-qualifying” stock options [...]

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Restricted Stock Awards – Equity Compensation at Private Firms

To continue our Equity Compensation blog series, we will now take a look at Restricted Stock Awards (RSAs). A Restricted Stock Award (RSA) is a type of stock compensation plan where a company awards shares of the company’s stock to an employee, usually at the start of the person’s employment with the company. The [...]

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Restricted Stock Units – Equity Compensation at Private Firms

Private companies often find it difficult to attract and retain key employees. Part of the issue is large, multinational corporations offering more attractive compensation packages which often include various forms of equity compensation such as stock options. While equity in a private company can’t be traded on a public exchange, there are several methods [...]

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