How an Optimized Financial System Leads to Startup Growth

Many founders, thinking of startup growth, have the wrong idea about finance.  Some hear the word finance and narrow it down to basic accounting and bookkeeping. They hear finance and think of reactive reporting. They hear finance and think of a dry, boring, necessary evil to stay compliant.  Mainly, non-finance people tend to view [...]

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Big Companies Now Accepting Crypto — Should you?

For those new to crypto, one of the first questions that come up is: but what can I do with crypto? Today’s answer is, just about anything. You can buy a car, bedsheets, video games, plane tickets, and even convert it back to fiat currency (but be aware of the tax consequences of doing [...]

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Startup Tax Problems: 8 Common Mistakes

Startup tax mistakes waste time and cost money. Plus, taxes are a complex topic that many, outside of industry professionals and tax specialists, struggle to understand. As a result, many startup founders choose to ignore taxes altogether, not wanting to slow down or spend valuable resources on it.  They assume their energy would be [...]

Blockchain Accounting Software: How Crypto Changes Things

Cryptocurrency has experienced exponential growth over the last few years. Because of this, businesses need to understand blockchain accounting and how to track crypto transactions. The invention of blockchain accounting software is further revolutionizing the accounting industry. What this means is that no business should still be tracking crypto transactions (Bitcoin and Ethereum) manually. [...]

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SaaS Accounting 101: Financial Fundamentals

Is Saas accounting different than accounting in any other industry? The answer of course is: absolutely! Since the end of the last century, the software industry has grown massively. In the last decade especially, many software companies have emerged and made the switch from selling software as a product to software as a service [...]

7 Crypto Tax Risks (And How to Avoid Them)

What crypto tax risks do you need to be thinking about? It is no secret that blockchain is among some of the most exciting emergent technologies of the twenty-first century. In the last few years, cryptocurrency has grown in popularity with several top financial minds endorsing investments in it. Despite becoming so popular, one [...]

Financial Modeling During Uncertainty

Financial modeling is crucial for businesses, especially when circumstances change. The COVID-19 pandemic has left a lasting impact on the economy with businesses and governments facing uncertain times. This new normal has emphasized the importance of building business resilience. However, this can only happen if companies put [...]

Startup Forecasting Best Practices

Forecasting best practices are cricital for startup success. It gives you a clear idea of where your financials are heading if you stay the course, if you change your strategy or if you come across a worst-case type of scenario. But for a startup, they mean a lot more. Forecasts for [...]

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4 Metrics To Review Before Looking Ahead To Next Year

There are metrics to review for every business as you evaluate what worked and didn't in 2020. The New Year brings a chance at a fresh start. A chance for tackling new opportunities and goals, while improving things from the previous year. An annual plan for a business is the roadmap that will set [...]

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Tax Readiness Checklist (5 Things You Must Do)

Each year, businesses file their taxes. The season includes hard deadlines, fees, not to mention potential fines and other penalties imposed by the IRS. Add these to the fact that you (potentially) have to pay a portion of your profit — it all equals a stressful time for many startups and entrepreneurs. As with most [...]

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