Take Action Now: Be Ready for Next Tax Season

Personal tax day has come and gone (May 17th). Depending on the structure of your business and financial circumstances, your company’s tax situation may vary. But every year, the obligation is due.    Paying taxes isn’t fun for anyone, but limit the stress by preparing for next year, starting now. A little preparation helps [...]

What Do Investors Look For? (4 Items and 5 Questions)

You have a great idea. You scratch up some cash together, find the right people, and your startup is now up and running. If this is how your startup got off the ground, then you’ve probably asked yourself: What could my startup do if I had funding?  Well, if you have a clear answer [...]

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Understanding Saas COGS

Managing your Saas COGS (Cost of goods sold) is a critical element of running any business. Often, when someone mentions COGS there’s this natural tendency to think of physical products and manufacturing companies. Admittedly, production or retail can be the most understandable application of COGS.  But running a SaaS business doesn’t mean COGS are [...]

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7 Crypto Tax Risks (And How to Avoid Them)

What crypto tax risks do you need to be thinking about? It is no secret that blockchain is among some of the most exciting emergent technologies of the twenty-first century. In the last few years, cryptocurrency has grown in popularity with several top financial minds endorsing investments in it. Despite becoming so popular, one [...]

How to Conduct Pricing Analysis in a Startup

Every startup needs to conduct a pricing analysis as frequently as possible. This is necessary to determine appropriate prices for products and services. Most times, information obtained from the pricing analysis feeds into the final pricing estimation of product offerings. How strategic is your pricing analysis for your startup?  What is Competitive Pricing and [...]

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Financial Modeling During Uncertainty

Financial modeling is crucial for businesses, especially when circumstances change. The COVID-19 pandemic has left a lasting impact on the economy with businesses and governments facing uncertain times. This new normal has emphasized the importance of building business resilience. However, this can only happen if companies put [...]

Startup Forecasting Best Practices

Forecasting best practices are cricital for startup success. It gives you a clear idea of where your financials are heading if you stay the course, if you change your strategy or if you come across a worst-case type of scenario. But for a startup, they mean a lot more. Forecasts for [...]

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Can You Defer Taxes With NSO Election?

Can you defer taxes with an NSO election? The IRS introduced Code Section 83(i) as a part of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act 2017. Based on this code, the staff of private companies that receive NSOs (non-statutory stock options) or RSUs (restricted stock units) can elect to defer on Federal Income Tax. This [...]

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How to Maintain Startup Budget and KPIs Throughout the Year

There are a vast number of resources available surrounding a “startup budget.” Many of these articles and guides are fantastic. (There are even several beneficial articles for creating a budget on this blog.) But the best budgets are only pieces of paper — if you don’t use them to better run [...]

What Happens if You Change from LLC to S Corp?

Are you considering a change from LLC to S Corp? Maybe, like many entrepreneurs, you founded your business as an LLC (Limited Liability Corporation). Many founders go this route, and it generally makes sense when starting out. Especially those with a single owner or small number of partners, it’s the optimal default legal structure. [...]

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