Accounts Payable: What Is Accounts Payable? 10 Best Practices For Your Business

As a small business owner, few things are more important than keeping proper books. You’ve heard the term “accounts payable” thrown about ad nauseam: this article will explore what AP means for your business and offer some ‘best practices’ to help you along. If you’re considering reworking your approach to accounts payable, Founder’s CPA Group [...]

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Step by Step Bank Reconciliation for Quickbooks

Bank reconciliations are the first steps to complete when it comes to accounting for your business. It is crucial that all the cash on hand, money being received and payments going out are being accounted for in your books. Bank reconciliations are the core of bookkeeping services that accountants provide. Thankfully with the help [...]

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Why You Need Tax Services for a Small Business

When it comes to running a small business, taxes are one more complication. While you can do it yourself, why should you? Using someone you know may work, but what if they make a mistake? Hiring a professional has a wealth of benefits. Here are the reasons you need tax services for a small business. [...]

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Tax Services for Small Businesses: What You Need to Know

Dealing with tax services for small businesses can be a chore (and a costly one at that). Worried about the requirements and processes for filing taxes? This in-depth guide has the information you need to make the tax process as transparent as possible. Filing a return for your business doesn’t have to be difficult — [...]

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Building an Effective Budget for Startups and Small Businesses

For many companies, the budgeting process has become an activity that adds little value. One survey of 130 CFO’s found that only 17% of participants would describe their organization’s approach to annual budgeting as “very valuable." Establishing a reliable and an effective budgeting process early will help you avoid this common problem. With an [...]

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The Bookkeeper Jargon-buster

At Founder’s CPA, we pride ourselves on complete transparency with our customers. After all, they're your accounts and ultimately your money, so you deserve to understand how it is being handled. Many bookkeepers use industry jargon that is useful shorthand between experts, but isn’t always so clear to everyone else. Here’s a guide to some [...]

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What Are Bookkeeping Services and How Your Brand Can Benefit From Founder’s CPA

As a small business owner, it's important that you always find ways to improve your brand, its products, and services. This is essential if you want to experience growth. With clear, organized businesses practices, you can have greater success and get a lot more done. If you're not yet using bookkeeping services, you may be [...]

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QuickBooks Pro Alternative | Founder’s CPA

As a business owner, you wear many hats. Although you may focus the most on marketing and sales, there’s one critical area that needs to remain a top priority — your accounting needs. After all, accounting is at the core of every single business and, in turn, is the key to your success. In order [...]

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New Business Accounting Checklist

Understanding your accounting and reporting requirements can be daunting for any startup owner. Compliance is time consuming, and mistakes can lead to hefty fines. This new business checklist will give you the framework necessary to educate yourself on accounting processes for startups and small businesses. Following these steps can help you launch your business [...]

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7 Bookkeeping Mistakes You Need to Avoid for a Successful Business

Many businesses owners try to double as a bookkeeper and end up making mistakes. While it might be easy to brush these mistakes off as no big deal, bookkeeping mistakes can cost you in time, effort, money, and sometimes your entire business. If you’re sweating over how you’ve been handling your books, you’re not alone, [...]

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