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Document Retention Software That Save You Time

These software platforms save time through automation of data entry and serve as a central repository for your accounting records. Key features for document retention software should incorporate optical character reader (OCR) software and should be able to export data to accounting software mentioned above and into the correct accounts. Hubdoc [...]

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Time Tracking & Scheduling Software Options

Although, in our previous posts, we have mentioned other platforms that include limited functionality for scheduling and time tracking, the following platforms are dedicated to this sole purpose and will have other specialized features. Attendance tracking, payroll integration and advanced reporting are some features which are vital to this type of software. Further, each [...]

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Bank and Credit Card Options for Startups

Choosing the right bank and credit cards is essential for the day-to-day running of specific businesses. The traditional incumbent banks and credit card providers are large institutions which tend to move slowly in response to technological advancements. There are tools useful for startups which are frustratingly missing from the services offered by these banks [...]

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Payroll System Options for Startups

If we had to pick one area where startups mess up the most it is probably payroll.  This creates problems because incorrectly classifying workers or failure to make the necessary tax payments for your business and its employees can lead to hefty penalties.  We always recommend that startups use payroll system software to handle [...]

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Invoicing Tools for Startups

Whether you are a startup, small business owner, or freelancer, you need a good invoicing software that simplifies your invoicing process, saves time and money. The most effective invoicing tools limit the time and effort required to record transactions between a business, easy to use, and accessible when on the go. The tools in [...]

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Accounting Software: Where to Start?

Accounting software (sometimes referred to as a general ledger system) is the backbone of your accounting function.  It is used to help keep track of the economic transactions that your business engages in on a daily basis. Though the use of accounting software is not always required, we generally recommend that you should set [...]

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Non-Qualifying Stock Options – Equity Compensation at Private Firms

Next in our Equity blog series we will take a look at Non-Qualifying Stock Options (NSOs). Don’t let the name “non-qualifying” confuse you. “Non-qualifying” simply means that this type of stock option does not qualify for special treatment the same way incentive stock options are treated. You can also think about “non-qualifying” stock options [...]

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Restricted Stock Awards – Equity Compensation at Private Firms

To continue our Equity Compensation blog series, we will now take a look at Restricted Stock Awards (RSAs). A Restricted Stock Award (RSA) is a type of stock compensation plan where a company awards shares of the company’s stock to an employee, usually at the start of the person’s employment with the company. The [...]

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Restricted Stock Units – Equity Compensation at Private Firms

Private companies often find it difficult to attract and retain key employees. Part of the issue is large, multinational corporations offering more attractive compensation packages which often include various forms of equity compensation such as stock options. While equity in a private company can’t be traded on a public exchange, there are several methods [...]

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